China-mark, an excellent sign of German quality

Manufacturers are facing a sizeable challenge in the Chinese market, with consumers increasingly caring about product quality and safety.

As a leading technical service provider, TÜV Rheinland knows the consumers' concern and the pressures that manufacturers are taking, thus we have developed the China-mark as a form of voluntary product certification.

TÜV Rheinland’s China-mark ensures the safety, performance and quality of technical equipment, commercial goods and consumer goods that have been inspected and certified. The purpose of it is to protect consumers' personal and property safety, maintain consumers' interests, improve the product quality and increase the product competitiveness.

There are two types of China-mark, a certified mark and an inspected mark, which can be applied according to clients’ needs.

A QR code for easy traceability provides added value.

    With our China-mark product approvals, you can:
  • Guide consumers to choose satisfactory products
  • Enhance your brand image
  • Strengthen consumer trust in your product’s quality and safety
  • Distinguish your product from those of competitors
  • Add value to your product

Q1 Which products can the China-mark be applied to?

  • Mines and minerals, electricity, gas and water
  • Textiles, clothing, shoes and leather products, toys
  • Wood and wood products, paper pulp, paper and paper products, printing
  • Chemical products
  • Building material products
  • Furniture
  • Metal materials and metal products
  • Machinery equipment and parts
  • Electronic equipment and spare parts
  • Motors, generators, transformers and power generating equipment
  • Power distribution and control equipment and parts, Insulated wire and cable
  • Batteries, primary cells, primary batteries and other batteries and parts
  • Incandescent lamp or power lamp, arc lamps and accessories, lighting equipment and accessories,Other electrical equipment and parts
  • Medical equipment
  • Land transportation equipment

Q2 Which standards can be used for China-mark certification and inspection?

The China-mark programme can use ISO, IEC, EN, GB or other voluntary standards for certification and inspection.

Q3 Is there a China-mark certificate? For how long is it valid?

China-mark offers a certificate and inspection verification. The validity period is five years.

Q4 Can we search for China-mark information on Certipedia, TÜV Rheinland’s online certificate database?

Yes, you can find information on certification and inspection in both Chinese and English at

Q5 What keywords can be used in searching for China-mark data?

The keywords are the description of the product feature and can be created according to client requests.

Q6 What are the differences between the two marks?

The certified mark states the product’s conformity with the requirements of the China-mark certification scheme. Clients can use it as soon as they receive the certificate and certified mark.

The inspected mark is used in industrial sectors, and it confirms that the safety inspection conformed with the requirements of the specified inspection report.

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