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In recent years, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) have moved to the top of the list of main issues concerning modern companies. All stakeholders, whether as investors, customers, suppliers or employees are (rightly) demanding more understanding on the purpose and values of the business and its ESG commitments, and to see evidence of the business’s actions to achieve their targets, documented through relevant ESG metrics. Yet, most companies still focus only on ESG reporting or sustainability reporting, neglecting important aspects such as the ESG management process, innovation-learning-performance improvement or stakeholder relationship and trust.

ESG is a new and constantly evolving corporate management paradigm. Initially an evolution of traditional models describing ethical corporate practice, corporate sustainability requires a company’s business approach to pursue societal goals, specifically those relating to sustainable development. Societal goals include environmental protection, social justice and equity, and economic development. In respond to the changing demands and growing expectations, businesses need to act now on assessing ESG risks and opportunities and developing robust and complete ESG disclosures. Businesses cannot wait for a globally accepted framework to be published and mandated to improve their reporting.

Our ESG solutions can help your business achieve specific targets and goals to gain stakeholder trust and enhance your company image.

Powering Net Carbon Transition

Our Carbon Management Solution covers your Organization, Products/ service, Pseronnel helping you to accelerate in the net zero journeys, from setting targets, quantifying net zero baselines, building the capacity to reporting progress and verificatio

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Our Methodology

  • Materiality
    • Evaluate the relevance and significance of policies, regulations and multi-stakeholder initiatives related to ESG topics

    • Set the ESG targets through the application of prevailing tools and methodologies

    • Mobilize and build up the capacity of operations and the supply chain actors in implementing the ESG action plan

    and certification
    • Work on the comprehensive ESG report Third-party certification or verification to enhance the creditability

    Carbon Neutral
    • Third-party certification (certificate and mark) that a company has achieved “net zero” GHG emissions or/and product carbon footprint through decarbonization and offsetting measures

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